Say no to sawdust: here’s why

Say no to sawdust: here’s why

The great thing about living in the 21st century is that we have more collective knowledge than ever before. Today, we know that smoking kills, plastic straws ruin the ocean and that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on Facebook. We are living in a time where we want to fix the damage our predecessors have done to the environment, address the inequalities created in the past and create a world that is better than when we first arrived in it. For those of us who can’t clean the ocean or change worldwide policies, we can start at home. This includes the way we look after our pets.

Giving your best friends everything they deserve means making sure they thrive in their habitats, rather than simply surviving. This is why The Queen Pet Shop would like you to consider alternatives to sawdust for your rodent, bird or reptile cages.

Sawdust is among the most popular choices for lining cages, because it absorbs liquid and makes it easier to clean up droppings. Some pet owners believe sawdust masks foul odours better than shredded newspaper, but a consistently clean cage shouldn’t smell bad no matter what you use to line it.

Pets Breath Better Without Sawdust
Sawdust is a known carcinogen for humans, and the effects it can have on small animals is awful too. Pets living with sawdust in their cages are more likely to be plagued by respiratory issues including wheezing and overall difficulty breathing. While one hamster or mouse might be unaffected by the popular wood shavings lining the bottom of the cage, another could pick up serious breathing related issues. Just like people, each individual animal is different. If you have noticed that your caged pet is wheezing, has runny eyes or a runny nose, consult a vet right away and make a point of replacing the sawdust with healthier alternatives.

Save your Pet’s Skin
Small animals can suffer from skin allergies, and sawdust is among one of the causes. Itchy and inflamed skin, fur or feather loss can all be attributed to the sawdust your companion animal comes into contact with. Some of the wood used to create sawdust can be lethal if ingested, so we advise avoiding the use of sawdust altogether to ensure your pet leads a healthy and happy life. If your pet’s skin seems to be irritated, make an appointment at your vet and then stop past the Queen Pet Shop to discuss alternative options.

What are the alternatives?
Shredded newspaper is a great and affordable replacement for sawdust, and you don’t need to worry about collecting and preparing your own, because The Queen Pet Shop already keeps a large supply in stock. You’re also doing the environment a favour by recycling.

For those who are concerned about ink on newspapers, we also stock Carefresh Natural paper bedding. The product is non-toxic and is actually more absorbent than sawdust.

We look forward to seeing a ban on sawdust for pet cages, and helping pet owners give their companion animals the healthy life they deserve!

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