Three reasons to invest in Aquael aquariums

Three reasons to invest in Aquael aquariums

When it comes to giving your best friends everything they deserve, we aren’t just talking about the furry friends. Fish are a wonderful addition to the family as they bring colour and calm to homes of all sizes. Investing in a great quality aquarium is essential to keep your fish happy, and the Aquael brand of aquariums is among the best in the market! Keep reading to find out why.

Aquael is a Long Established Family Business
Aquael started with the production of aerators in Poland in the mid-eighties. Since then, the family-owned business has grown to include the production of aquarium sets, filters, and fish food. Today, the company exports products from its Polish production plant to countries all over the world.

Quality is a Guarantee
As a global leader in aquarium products, Aquael has spent decades ensuring each product they sell is of a high standard. Aquael tanks from The Queen Pet shop come with a two year guarantee so aquarium enthusiasts have peace of mind that they are getting value for their money. Owning fish is a rewarding investment and reputable products make maintenance easy, but buying cheap equipment is not recommended. As the saying goes; buy nice or buy twice!

Innovation is a Priority
Aquael’s motto is ’We can offer today what others will offer tomorrow.’ Innovation is such a big part of the company that they have established innovation, research and development programmes which lead to the launch of industry-leading new products. They were the first to offer aquarium sets with lighting modules built into the lids. They also recently showcased the first SAFE aquarium which prevents flooding in the case of a tank getting damaged.

If you want to purchase your own home aquarium or improve on your existing setup, Aquael products come highly recommended by The Queen Pet Shop. Chat to our staff in stores to get practical advice about the living environment of your fish.

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