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Regal Allergy Relief Remedy 400ml

Regal Allergy Relief Remedy 400ml

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Regal® Allergy Relief Remedy, with a delicious beef flavour, is an herbal and nutritional formulation supporting and balancing the immune system:

  • Prevents allergies by supporting the immune system
  • Prevents itchy paws and runny eyes
  • Prevents itchy skin and alleviates scratching.
What it can do for your barker

Itchy paws, runny eyes and itchy skin often have one thing in common: allergies. Turns out, pooches can be allergic to all kinds of things – grass, fleas, certain foods and pollens can all be the villain in this tale. But no matter the cause, Regal Allergy Relief Remedy is the solution – phew! It contains three herbs traditionally known for supporting and balancing the immune system to assist in protecting dogs against allergens… and you against having to see your baby suffer.

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