What Kind of Pet are You?

What Kind of Pet are You?


Do you prefer long walks on the beach to curling up on the couch? Take this fun quiz to find out what sort of animal you would be. Add up your answers to get the result at the end.


It’s lunchtime! What would you prefer to eat?

a.) Salad with a side of biltong

b.) A meaty burger, and my colleagues’ leftovers

c.) Sushi

d.) Just a salad please


Which type of holiday appeals to you the most?

a.) Somewhere warm and sunny like Kruger National Park

b.) A long stretch of beach

c.) My own home

d.) A cosy cabin where I can hide from the world


Which movie genre do you prefer?

a.) Science Fiction

b.) Action

c.) Drama

d.) Comedy


Choose your ideal date

a.) A garden picnic

b.) A club for dancing!

c.) A trip to the movies

d.) Dinner at home


Which option appeals to your fashion style?

a.) Neat and practical

b.) I love active wear!

c.) Classy high-fashion

d.) I dress for comfort


Choose your biggest pet peeve

a.) Being cramped into a lift with other people

b.) Loud sounds

c.) Changing my routine

d.) Anything that takes me out of my comfort zone


How do you like to spend weekends?

a.) Working in my garden

b.) Catching up with friends and family

c.) Binge watching TV from my couch

d.) Curling up with a good book


Add up your results!


Mostly A: Bearded Dragon


If you were a pet, you would be a bearded dragon. You love getting outdoors, basking in the sun and enjoying the benefits of nature. Sometimes you’re misunderstood, but those who know you love your little quirks and unique personality.


Mostly B: Dog


Your active lifestyle and love of all things social mean that if you were a pet, you would definitely be a dog. You like to be where the action is and don’t mind being the centre of attention. You are certainly the life of the party!


Mostly C: Cat


Your cool, calm and collected personality makes you most likely to be a cat. You prefer a bit of balance in your life – equal amounts of social time and me-time would be best. You don’t like anything to mess with your routine, but you’re usually up for a mild adventure if you’ve had enough sleep!


Mostly D: Hamster


You are most likely to be a hamster! You cherish your quiet time alone, but don’t mind one or two friends around for company. Your comfort zone is your happy place, surrounded by all your favourite things and never too far from home.