Burgess Excel - a Leading Brand in Small Animal Nutrition

Burgess Excel - a Leading Brand in Small Animal Nutrition

What is Burgess Excel?

Burgess Excel is a premium pet food founded 25 years ago, designed specifically for the small animal family, making it one of the first brands catered towards small animals. Burgess doesn't just create food that is nutritious, but it is also delicious for your furry friend. The excel range includes food for your rats, rabbits, chinchilla's and guinea pigs.

Burgess Excel has been formulated with the help of vets and nutritionists to ensure that your small animal is fed the correct balance of vitamins and minerals. Burgess is a proud muesli-free company to help eliminate that chances of selective feeding in rabbits.

What is selective feeding?

It is when rabbits choose to eat the high starch and sugar components of their diet and leave out the fibrous pellets, this can lead to health complications such as dental issues and obesity.


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