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Antezole Paste 30ml

Antezole Paste 30ml

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Antezole® Paste

Worm remedy against Ascarid, Hookworm and Tapeworm.

Praziquantel 25mg/ml, fenbendazole 108mg/ml, pyrantel pamoate 67mg/ml. Safe for all dogs and cats, including old animals, young pups and kittens, working dogs, greyhounds and even pregnant and lactating bitches and queens 10 days before whelping. Convenient and easy-to-use dial-a-dose Syringe.

Dose according to mass as per the following table:


Breed Body Mass Dosage
Cats Up to 9kg 2ml
Dogs Up to 9kg 2ml
  10-20kg 4ml
  21-35kg 8ml
  36-52kg 11ml


Suggested Programme For Proper Worm Control
Puppies up to 12 weeks of age Treat at 2,4,6,8 and 12 weeks
Adult dogs (After 12 weeks of age) Treat every 3 months
In areas where tapeworms are a known problem Treat every 6 weeks
In areas where tapeworms are a known problem Treat every 6 to 8 weeks
Pregnant bitches Treat at mating, after whelping,
then every 3 months
Kittens up to 1 2 months Treat every 4-6 weeks
Adult Cats (after 12 months of age) Treat every 3-4 months
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