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Eco-Ears 50ml

Eco-Ears 50ml

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ECO-EARS is an oral homeopathic medicine which helps support proper function of the ear and can be used to help relieve:

  • Ear abscesses
  • Ear discharges
  • Ear shaking
  • Eczema on the ears
  • Bruises and superficial bites and injuries on the ears
  • Pain in the ears
  • Wax in the ears

ECO-EARS also helps soften wax in the ears.  It can be given weekly to help reduce abnormal build-up of wax and the tendency to develop recurrent ear infections.


ECO-HEAL For ear abscesses and injuries to the ears.

ECO-ECZEMA For moist eczema of the ear flap

ECO-SCRATCH For dry eczema of the ear flap

ECO-EPILEP For inner ear disease

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