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ECO-FEAR is an oral homeopathic medicine which helps animals to cope in stressful situations, especially being exposed to loud noises or being transported or exposed to new or unfamiliar surroundings.

ECO-FEAR is specifically formulated to help relieve fear, anxiety and nervousness in animals.

ECO-FEAR will be beneficial:

  • During thunderstorms or celebrations involving the use of fire-crackers and fireworks.
  • To help relieve the stress of being transported or rehomed.
  • To help reduce the stress the animals at shows or in performance arenas.
  • To help relieve the nervousness and improve the focus of animals being trained.
  • To reduce the anxiety experienced by animals at grooming or doggie parlours.
  • To reduce the stress of animals in shelters and in foster care.
  • To help prepare an animal to be moved to a new environment.
  • To assist in the treatment of feather plucking in parrots.

ECO-TRAVEL To help reduce travel sickness, nausea, hyperactivity and digestive upsets when travelling with your animal.

ECO-HEAL To help reduce stress in first aid situations when your animal has been injured or in an accident.

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