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ECO-GERIAT is an oral homeopathic medicine which act as a geriatric tonic intended to help provide whole body support and enhance the quality of life for elderly animals.

ECO-GERIAT is specifically intended to support the function of the organs and body systems of animals when they start showing signs of aging, anywhere from about 6  years of age.  It also helps rejuvenate a depressed immune system and support mobility in elderly animals.  Also useful as a post operative tonic to support recovery after operations.

ECO-GERIAT specifically assists in relieving the following in aging animals:

  • Adiposity or excess weight gain
  • Digestive upsets and overeating
  • Bladder weakness with a tendency to incontinence
  • Stiffness and pain from overexertion
  • Dandruff
  • Feather picking in birds
  • Tiredness and weakness in the aged.

ECO-HEAL For first aid or for anti-inflammatory support

ECO-DIARHHO For digestive upsets and flatulence

ECO-COLIC For abdominal pain

ECO-HEART For older animals with heart disease.

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