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Eco-Hair 50ml

Eco-Hair 50ml

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ECO-HAIR is an oral homeopathic medicine which acts as a skin, hair, hoof and horn tonic.

ECO-HAIR helps promote circulation and is specifically formulated to improve the condition of the coat.

ECO-HAIR is especially helpful to assists in treatment of:

  • Dry, brittle or thin hair and hair loss
  • Brittle or cracked hooves
  • Broken or cracked nails
  • Lick granuloma
  • Mange (demodectic, otodectic and sarcoptic)
  • Skin depigmentation
  • Warts and skin growths
  • Scar tissue
  • Feather plucking in parrots

ECO-SCRATCH For dry eczema and excessive scratching

ECO-ECZEMA For moist eczema

ECO-CIRC For poor circulation

ECO-FEAR For feather plucking

ECO-EARS For ear discharges

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