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Eco-Immune 50ml

Eco-Immune 50ml

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ECO-IMMUNE is an oral homeopathic medicine for use as an adjuvant to help support the function of the immune system and helps improve the animal’s resistance to disease.

ECO-IMMUNE is intended to help in treating the following:

  • Animals prone to repeated health conditions and are slow to recover due to a weak or deficient immune system
  • Skin allergies
  • Wounds that are slow to heal
  • Chronic cough, sore throat or other respiratory symptoms
  • Physical fatigue due to a depressed immune system
  • Aid recovery from babesiosis

ECO-IMMUNE given to puppies and kittens on a daily basis from the second day of age will help them grow up with higher resistance to viral diseases.


ECO-DIARRHO For digestive upsets

ECO-SNUFF For respiratory infections

ECO-HEAL For additional general anti-inflammatory effects

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