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Exo Terra

Exo Terra Sun Glo Daylight Basking Spot Lamp

Exo Terra Sun Glo Daylight Basking Spot Lamp

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Basking Spots

Basking Spots are paramount for ensuring the optimal health and behavior of reptiles.  These lamps facilitate thermoregulation, a critical physiological process for reptiles as they rely on external heat sources to regulate their internal temperature, ensuring metabolic efficiency. A directed heat source stimulates natural behaviors: seeking warmth and basking. These lamps are instrumental in creating heat gradients within the terrarium. This spatial temperature variance enables reptiles to move between zones of varying warmth, promoting both physical activity and the choice of preferred thermal niches. 

Heat regulation!

The Exo Terra® Basking Spots are designed to provide a combination of visual light in combination with the correct infrared-A, or NIR heat radiation. Reptiles perceive this as the ideal basking rays for their thermoregulation, since the sun produces most of its energy output in the infrared segment of the spectrum, especially in the near-infrared or infrared-A wavelength. Infrared in general, but especially Infrared-A penetrates the skin very well and will aid cell growth, wound-healing, promote the immune system, protect against UV damage, and stimulate many other biological processes.  The Exo Terra® Basking Spots will allow your reptiles to thermoregulate their body temperature to achieve the optimal temperature for enhanced activity and healthy digestion of their food items. Exo Terra® Basking Spots also emit a small portion of UVA rays, which will contribute to reptiles’ physiological well-being and stimulate breeding behavior.

Stimulates natural behavior.

Reptiles are ectotherm and thus tend to thermoregulate their body temperature by moving from the warm end to the cold end of their habitat, and vice versa, in order to keep their body at the preferred temperature. The focussed beam of the Basking Spots allows you to direct the increased light and heat to a specific area to create a basking site. This much warmer basking area will create a temperature gradient in the terrarium for your reptile to thermoregulate. Reptiles perceive the light and radiant heat combination that Basking Spots emit as the ideal heat rays for their thermoregulation, similar to what they experience in nature.  All the Exo Terra® Basking Spots are manufactured in colored glass to increase the transfer of heat waves which makes them highly energy efficient.

Create Heat Gradients.

The Exo Terra® Basking Spots not only create a warmer basking area and increase the ambient air temperature, they also emit essential infrared-A heat radiation, which penetrates the skin much deeper to increase blood flow and aid in natural cellular regeneration.

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